The trolley and battery come with a 2-year warranty. Other parts and accessories are not. This warranty includes manufacturing defects that occur during normal use. With all purchases you will receive an invoice and the invoice date is also the starting date for the warranty period of 2 years, unless stated otherwise on the invoice.


In the event of a defect, the relevant part will be replaced free of charge for a new part. Normally the product will be repaired, but in the unlikely event that the trolley, battery or charger cannot be repaired, they will be replaced. Repairs or replacements performed free of charge will not create a new warranty other than that of the original purchase.



  • No warranty is given on the accessories
  • No warranty is given on parts that wear out during use
  • Damage caused by an accident, being submerged in water or resulting from abuse or misuse or commercial use is not covered by the warranty.
    Use of the trolley after a defect has been identified
  • Trolley that you tinkered with yourself
  • Not reporting the defect in a timely manner
  • Warranty is not transferable
  • Discharging the battery during excessive use or when stored uncharged
  • Overheating of the battery due to insufficient ventilation
  • Store the battery for a very long time without charging it in the meantime


The 36-hole lithium battery has enough power to complete 36 holes under average conditions. Low temperatures, longer courses, a lot of elevation change, heavier bags and more zigzags than average can limit the range to less than 36 holes.
The trolley is not intended to pull you along. This will limit range and ultimately battery life.