Our products are selling fantastic. Mechanical products can also contain errors that are not visible and something can always malfunction. Good service is important and that is why our customers can share their experience with other golfers. Both positive and negative comments are welcome. Do not hesitate and publish your experience with GolfTed.

We started with this page in summer 2020.

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Steve Syder
a month ago

Hi Menno.

My trolley just arrived and I’ve unpacked and assembled it.

Wow! I truly am amazed and delighted at the quality; your photos don’t do it justice!

I’m really glad I opted for carbon - it might not fold as small but it looks stunning.

This is so much better value than the Stewart trolley it replaces.

Even the packaging says “quality”!

The winter wheels are the best I’ve ever seen.

The little extras you include make it even more fun to unpack, thank you.

It’s going to just sit there for a while while I recover (I’ll keep the battery topped-up) but as soon as I can use it on the course I’ll do reviews for you.

I took photographs as I unpacked it and assembled it, so I’ll include those in the Amazon review.

Thanks again for your attention during the buying process and for a great product.


Steve Syder

Stevens, Gary
7 months ago

The pre sale interaction was very helpful, when I opened the box I was excited as a child at Xmas as it looked so inviting to assemble. I have used the trolley 3 times, each time in the wind and rain, it has performed perfectly. All my playing partners have stated what a beautiful piece of engineering it is to look at, even sexy. I think this trolley is great value for money and even more so when you look at all the high quality add-on kit such as the brolly holder.