Electric stainless steel Golf Trolley GT-FR (foldable) with REMOTE CONTROL including 10 accessories


PRE-ORDER POSSIBLE. Mail to info@golfted.com

Golf trolley (foldable) with remote control, incl. accessories;
- Stainless steel umbrella holder
- Bottle holder black
- Black caddy booklet
- Scorecard holder made of stainless steel
- Carrying bag for transport
- Stainless steel divot repair tool with marker
- Black small bag (for mobile phone etc.)
- Phone/Rangefinder holder
- Towel for cleaning clubs
- Drinking bottle made of stainless-steel with LED temperature display


Beautiful golf trolley with a modern and sleek look. Our trolley are made of high-quality stainless steel, wind and weather resistant. Two powerful in-shaft motors make it easy and effortless to play a round of golf. With the lithium battery, it runs 27 - 36 holes. The trolley is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. It consists of 5 parts and can therefore be considered as a compact package and takes up little space in the car or club locker. In short, a joy to walk in and many others can attest to this. We give a two-year guarantee on the trolley and the battery.


- Small foldable size, easy to carry in car or locker
- Trolley weighs 12.5 kg without battery
- Made of stainless steel and withstand wind and weather
- Adjustable bag support
- Wheels (stainless steel look, light plastic) can be put into a freewheel
- Speed ​​continuously adjustable
- Automatic electric brake (no parking brake)
- Downhill control (ensures the trolley doesn't accelerate downhill)
- Stop and Go function - 10 - 20 - 30 meters forward button
- With remote control (forward and backward, left and right)
- The maximum load capacity is 30 kg
- Lithium battery, suitable for at least 27 - 36 holes in normal use and with charger
- 2 x 200W power to the motors and a 24-volt battery


- Two-year warranty on trolley and battery (no accessories)
- VAT and customs clearance included
- Within the warranty period, free return for repair
- Right of withdrawal (right of return) free of charge within 14 days
- Excellent service
- Free shipping within the Netherlands and Belgium
- UK shipping costs around £43,00 for trolleys (actual amount when ordering)
- Pay via Ideal, Bancontact, KBC, Belfius, pay in advance on bank number

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