StepTed ST-T4 Dual | 1200W motors, 45km range, 10 inch wheels | Electric scooter for adults


StepTed ST-T4 Dual Electric scooter for adults, 1200 W motor, range up to 45 km, speed max. 45 km / h, special app, tires 25 cm. The T4Dual  has a long-lasting battery and a brushless motor. Additional features such as a powerful headlight, rear lights, a clear display with available speedometer, the anti-lock braking system and the non-slip 10 inch honeycomb tires are included as well as the battery.


There are all kinds of scooters on the market, but StepTed has opted for high-quality scooters with no less than 2 years warranty on the scooter and 6 months on the battery.


  • Powerful motor and battery: range of up to 45 km and a power of up to 1200 W. The speed can be up to 45 km/h. With the brushless motor, you don't have to worry about cleaning and maintaining the motor. Fast, light and comfortable, the T4Dual offers you a completely new driving experience.
  • The T4Dual features 10 inch puncture-proof Honeycomb wheels and an excellent shock absorption system that significantly improves the durability of the wheels.
  • The T4Dual scooter has a wider and more powerful LED headlight, which can illuminate the road conditions in a wide range. This way you can enjoy the scooter with more safety when driving in the dark.
  • Larger and clearer LED display: The T4Dual scooter features a new LED display that allows you to instantly record the battery status of the scooter and quickly switch between two riding modes, making your riding safer.
  • Anti-lock braking system via the app
  • Dual braking system, which has a disc brake and a regenerative E-ABS anti-brake system. So you can drive more safely.
    Rear double spring system, which promotes good damping effect when driving. This makes your journey more comfortable.
  • The app of the scooter allows you to turn the cruise control on and off, set the speed, monitor the mileage on the mobile phone.
  • Maximum load up to 120 kg
  • Net Weight: 27.8kg

Important notice: Local laws and regulations regarding use on public roads may apply to this product, e.g. E.g. access on cycle paths or footpaths, compulsory helmets, driver's license and number plate. This varies by country, so it is necessary to check before purchasing. Therefore, before purchasing, find out about the regulations that apply to this product.